what does bird netting do!
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Bird netting is usually used as bird exclusion purpose, mostly preferred by farmers to protect their crops from wild birds, and on buildings i.e. pigeons. Bird netting can be found on buildings in populated cities all around the world and there it is used as pigeon exclusion gadget. The main purpose of bird netting in cities is to maintain the building aesthetics that can be affected by different wild birds. And in agriculture sector, it is mostly used by farmers as only physical exclusion device to protect their fruits and crops.

They are used to exclude number of bird species from a place such as pigeons, sparrows, gulls, and starlings etc. with different sizes of netting depending upon the area of a place. And different gauge of netting are required for different species of birds. For instance, for pigeon one need 50mm gauge pigeon nylon net, for gulls a 100mm nylon net will be required.

Different gauges determine that a hole is small enough to prevent a species from entering. It is difficult to protect a building from birds, which is roosted by more than one species around. These bird trapping nets are available in different colors including black.

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